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After completing the recent ALTA2107™ Awards at Marina Bay Singapore successfully, which honoured over 400+ Resorts destinations and 200+ General Managers, the ALTA Awards in 2018 will be reaching more Lifestyle Tourism Destinations in Asia Pacific region including Middle East, Asia Minor and Asia Africa.

The main reason for the very successful completion of past ALTA™ Awards were mainly due to huge and positive public participation in our voting system which reached some half a million voters in 2017.

The 8th Asian Lifestyle Tourism Awards™2018 is back with a new initiatives on public voting system, acknowledging outstanding Lifestyle Tourism Destination in Asia Pacific regions for their shining performance in the industry.

ALTA2018™ Nominations are open to all resorts in 20 categories of Golf, Beach, SPA, Honeymoon, Wedding, Island Resorts, Adventure Resorts, ECO Tourism Resorts, MICE Resorts, Wellness Resort, Ayurveda Resorts, Mountain Resorts, Country Side Resorts, Sea Sports Destinations, Yacht & Marina Clubs and many more. (please see our Award listings for further details). This year at ALTA2018 the Board of Governors has decided to include Australasia and Asia Minor destinations into the campaign.

Asia Leading Resorts Inc™

Asia Leading Resorts Inc™ supports, promotes and develops the Asian Lifestyle Tourism destinations by identifying and gratifying brilliance and stirring its partners to continually raise the standards of their product and service offering. Each year, ALR™ manage and administers a comprehensive Lifestyle Tourism programme across a range of awards developed to recognize the industry’s most vital sectors and product offerings.

- ALTA™ Awards Organiser

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