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The 7th Asian Lifestyle Tourism Awards™2017 is back with a new dimension on public voting system, no fees, acknowledging each member destination of Asia Leading Resort Inc the highest accolades recognised and endorsed by Asian Tourism Ministries and supporting banking partners in Asia.

In our quest to identify and reward excellence we invite those brands that are pushing the boundaries of industry excellence to participate in our annual ALTA™2017 award programs.

Nomination dates datelines

1 Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia/ Brunei/Philippines 20th April 2017
2 Thailand/ Vietnam/Cambodia/Myanmar/Laos 20th April 2017
3 South Asia (India/Bangladesh/Nepal/ Maldives/ Bhutan/Sri Lanka 22nd April 2017
4 Japan/ South Korea/ Taiwan/ China 25th April 2017
5 Asia Minor & Middle East (All Countries) 25th April 2017
6 Australasia 25th April 2017

*dates subject to change.

Voting Period

1 Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia/ Brunei/Philippines 21th April – 21th May 2017
2 Thailand/ Vietnam/Cambodia/Myanmar/Laos 21st April – 21st May 2017
3 South Asia (India/Bangladesh/Nepal/ Maldives/ Bhutan/Sri Lanka 23rd April – 23rd May 2017
4 Japan/ South Korea/ Taiwan/ China 26th April – 26th May 2017
5 Asia Minor & Middle East (All Countries) 26th April – 26th May 2017
6 Australasia 26th May – 26th June 2017

*dates subject to change.

Qualifying Criteria

  1. Nominee destination must be in the hospitality business for min 12 months.
  2. Adequate facilities meeting both local and international standards.
  3. Well trained staffs, high standards of service and impeccable trip advisor ratings.
  4. Destination website and social media page.
  5. Excellent communication skills

Nomination Process

  1. Nominate your destination through our online registration or via our email and MailChimp communications.
  2. Your entry will be checked and vetted to ensure your nomination qualifies for the selected Award/s.
  3. Upon approval of your nomination and payment, your nomination will be entered into the nominations listings for ALTA 2017 and you will be sent the NOMINEE PACKAGE which includes the nominee shield, vote for us button and web banners and a dedicated voting web page to market your nomination.
  4. Nominees will be published when voting opens and Nominees may announce their nomination/s and begin any marketing campaigns.

What you are to receive upon approval of your nomination.

Successful applicants will receive the Nominee voting package which includes the following digital products:

  • Asian Lifestyle Tourism Awards™2017 - Nominee Shield.
  • Asian Lifestyle Tourism Awards™2017 – Copyright Agreement.
  • Asian Lifestyle Tourism Awards™2017 – Nominee Certificate
  • Asian Lifestyle Tourism Awards™2017 – VOTE FOR US button
  • Asian Lifestyle Tourism Awards™2017 – Web Banner
  • Dedicated Microsite in Asia Leading Resorts Inc –

ALTA™2017 Entry Terms & Conditions

  1. All entrants must be a legally registered property in the country its operating.
  2. Your business is eligible to enter if it has been established and trading in its recent form for at least 12 months at the time of applying.
  3. Any entrants for New Hotel or New Resort awards will be eligible to enter if, at the time of applying, they opened within the past 18 months.
  4. Asian Lifestyle Tourism Awards™2017 reserves its rights disqualify membership application and entries without giving any reasons whatsoever.
  5. All Entry Forms must be completed in ENGLISH.
  6. Entries must reach ALTA™2017 office by the published closing dates.
  7. Only complete entries will be considered.
  8. Entries must be submitted online.
  9. Once received, all entry forms and supporting documents become the property of ALTA™2017 and no returns of such material will be made. ALTA™2017 will not be held responsible if such documents are lost or damaged.
  10. Refunds of Nomination Fee shall be made upon application being rejected by the Board of Governors of ALTA2017. Admin fee of USD100.00 hereby applies for each application.


If you have any questions, please email to (Ms Jane L Marrisa)

Entry Form

Please click the button to apply online.

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