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Nomination Terms

Nomination Date: 18th May - 15th June 2017

Voting Period: 18th May - 15th June 2017

Grand Award Presentation: 31st July 2017 – Marina Bay Sands Singapore

The ALTA™2017

ALTA™2017 is known as Asian Lifestyle Tourism Awards™ 2017 is an annual Award presentation dedicated to destinations on Lifestyle Tourism perspectives. The ALTA™ is owned and managed by Asia Leading Resorts Inc, Singapore and supported by Asian Tourism Ministries, participating financial institutions in Asia and other corporate partners.

ALTA™2017 Official Nominee Logo’s

  • Outstanding
    Beach Resort
  • Outstanding General Manager
  • Outstanding Golf Resort
  • Outstanding Honeymoon Destination
  • Best Hospitality Employer
  • Outstanding
    Island Resorts
  • Outstanding
    Marine Resort
  • Outstanding Spa Destination
  • Outstanding Wedding Destination
  • Outstanding Yacht & Marina Club
  • Best Resort Management Team

Nomination for ALTA™2017

  1. Official Nomination FORM link:
  2. All nomination must be submitted through this link only.
  3. All contents in the Nomination must be completed as required. In-completed information will delay the inclusion of the destination in the voting campaign.
  4. General Manager’s photo and Logo of the destination must be submitted along with the nomination FORM.
  5. Each completed nominated destination shall qualify for 3 Awards Categories i) Best Lifestyle Tourism Destination (all categories)
    ii) Outstanding General Manager of the Year (all categories)
    iii) Best Hospitality Employer (all categories)
  6. Nomination for Award Nominees begins from 12th – 8th April 2017. Late entry shall disqualify all entries for the Award Voting of ALTA™2017.

How to qualify

  1. Lifestyle Tourism Destinations means: Golf Resorts, Beach Resorts, SPA Destinations, Honeymoon Resort
  2. Destination, Island Resorts, Yacht & Marina & Wellness Resorts.
  3. Nominated destination must be in business for min 24months (2 years).
  4. Destination must be categorized as Resort Destination.
  5. Supporting the Lifestyle Tourism initiatives through events, promotions and activities.
  6. Provides regular development program to its employees.
  7. Recognised by local Tourism Authority.

Asia Leading Resorts Accreditation

Nominated destination with fully completed details shall enjoy an Accreditation Endorsement Certificate from Asia Leading Resorts Inc. Accreditation of the resort inclusive of listings in the Top 500 accreditation destination in Asia in ALR™ official portal

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