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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Asian Lifestyle Tourism Awards 2017?

Asian Lifestyle Tourism Awards™ 2107 is organized by Asian Leading Resorts Inc and endorsed by Asian Tourism Ministries. This annual Award presentation is also supported by banking partners as official sponsors.

2. How the voting system is conducted?

ALTA™2017 voting is a public voting program which is conducted via mobile app totally online. All votes are recorded with total transparency enabling nominees to see the result progress.

3. How does a destination qualify for the Awards?

Qualification of nominees are based on trip advisor ratings and quality conditions of the destination as part of the selection process.

4. What will be the qualifying factors for the nominees and winning the Award?

The qualifying factors will be destination service standards, reputation, customer service as some of our qualifying criteria.

5. What is the minimum requirement to participate in the ALTA™2017 Awards?

The destination should have min 50 rooms (for less rooms will be considered based on quality of the accommodation) with facilities catering to memorable Lifestyle Tourism activities.

6. Do we have to pay for the Award?

There are 3 types of Nomination Fees only.
  1. Award Nomination Fees (Corporate) : USD375.00 per destination.
  2. Best Hospitality Employer Award (Corporate1) : USD345.00
  3. Outstanding GM Award (Individual) : USD268.00

Registration Fee Inclusive of:

  1. Nomination of the destination/ company or Individual – based on selection of Awards.
  2. License and copyright approval for the use of NOMINEE Logo of ALTA™2017 in your website and all printed materials.
  3. Mention of your destination name in all ALTA™2017 voting campaigns and promotions.
  4. NOMINEE Certificate
  5. Winner Certificate and Plaque
  6. Invitation to Grand Award Dinner at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore (July 2017) **

7. Can we not attend the Award presentation ceremony in Singapore? Can you deliver the Award to us?

Yes, we can deliver the Award provided the shipment costs is borne by the winner. However, attending the one day Lifestyle Tourism symposium will lead to more business opportunities for the winners.

8. When will be the Award Ceremony held?

The Award ceremony will be at Marina Bay Sand Hotel Singapore in July 2017. It will be one day Travel Symposium with more than 300 attendees from all over Asia.

9. How to register for the Asian Leading Resort Inc accreditation?

The registration can be made through the website ( ).

10. What is the benefits being Accredited by Asian Leading Resorts Inc?

As an accredited destination of Asia Leading Resort Inc, member destination will enjoy various benefits including joint participation in ITB Berlin, Shanghai and Singapore. Other benefits include listing in our official portal which features as accredited destination promoted to more than 15millions credit card holders in Asia. Member destinations are also promoted widely in Social Gallery platforms and promotion of event of the destinations. In short, the accreditation will bring new foot-falls to our member destinations.

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