Frequently Asked Question

1. What is Asian Lifestyle Tourism Awards?

The Asian Lifestyle Tourism Awards is the initiatives of Asia Leading Resorts Inc Singapore with collaborations and endorsements partnership with over 24 Asian Tourism Ministries in Asia. The objectives of ALTA Awards is to recognized Lifestyle Tourism Destinations is Asia Pacific region for the performance in the industry and reward them with ALTA Awards/Accolades each year.

2. How long this Award has been organized?

This is the 8th Edition of the ALTA Awards being organized in Asia.

3. When was the last this Award being organized?

ALTA2017 was held from April to September 2017. ALTA Awards are organized every year.

4. What is Public Voting?

And how the Public Voting is done? ALTA Awards public voting campaign is to give a vote entitlement to each visitors/guests of the Nominated Resort for the ALTA Award each year. The public voting is conducted online whereby voters are required to register their vote via provided voting app.

5. Is this Awards are recognized?

The ALTA Awards are endorsed and recognised by 24 Asian Tourism Ministries in Asia. Lists of endorsing Tourism Ministry offices can be seen at

6. Do we have to pay for the Award?

There are no charges for the ALTA Awards presented to all winners. However, nomination fees are required (SGD275.00 per nomination) ensuring limitation and qualification of each resort.

7. When is the Nomination dateline?

Nomination for ALTA2018 shall open from 15th January to 15th April 2018. Nomination can be done only through ALTA2018 official website

8. Are we still allowed to use the NOMINEE Logo if we didn’t win any Award?

YES, nominated resorts are permitted to the ALTA2018 NOMINEE Logo in their website and all social media platform for the period of one year or throughout fiscal year of 2018.

9. How is GM being Awards tabulated? What are the conditions?

General Manager nomination is open to all General Manager with min 12 months of employment at his/her present employment and with min 5 years working experience as General Manager. Besides the GM Awards, other categories for Individual Awards are Best Director of Sales, Employee of the Year and Best Tourist Guide.

10. Can Non-Asian participate in the GM Awards?

Yes, the nomination is open to all candidates working and residing in Asia.

11. Can NOMINEE attend the ALTA2018 Award Ceremony?

Yes, nominees are permitted to attend the ALTA2018 Award Ceremony and to receive the NOMINEE Certificate at the Award Ceremony.

12. What do the NOMINEE & Winner gets upon winning or being a nominee of the ALTA2018 Awards?

Winners of ALTA2018 Awards will receive a Trophy and a framed Award Certificate and Nominee shall receive Award Certificate Only.

13. Can winner of ALTA2018 bring their family members to the Resort?

Yes, winners may bring their family members, however participation are accepted based on first come first serve only.

14. What is the TRAVEL SALES SUMMIT?

The ALTA2018 Travel Sales Summit is a one day summit and round table workshop for winners and nominees of ALTA2018 to business meetings with associated 100 Travel Agents in China.

15. What is the Entry Fee for the SUMMIT?

The entry fee per participant is SGD250.00 inclusive of Lunch and Coffee breaks.

16. What are the Accommodation charges at Lavenna Resorts Shenzhen?

Lavenna Resorts Shenzhen China shall offer 3D/2night package to all participants and delegates of ALTA2018 Award and Summit event.

17. What if we can’t attend the Award Ceremony in Shenzhen?

We shall deliver the Award & Certificate via our appointed courier service company. Delivery charges shall be borne by Award winners.

18. Are there any charges for the ALTA2018 Award Gala Dinner Ceremony?

NO, there won’t be any charges for the ALTA2018 Gala Dinner and Award ceremony for all winners & Summit attendees only. Accompanying guest(s) (non-delegate) will be charged SGD110.00 per person.

19. What is the booking website for Lavenna Resort?

Booking can be made through

20. When is the ALTA2018 Voting dates?

The public voting of the ALTA2018 shall begin from 15th May – 15th July 2018. Voting links will be published online a and the same link will be provided to each nominee with VOTE FOR US Logo.

For more details off ALTA2018, please visit or email us at (Ms Rani Navrathnaa) Tel: +65 6200 8098 or +65 9166 3959 (WhatsApp call).